Facilitated Self-Publishing

Quantum Dot Press, an imprint of Utility Fog Press, provides services for authors who wish to self-publish. We are not a vanity press, but rather a Facilitated Self-Publishing Service.

What's the difference?

  1. We're much less expensive.
  2. We're up front on what you're getting and don't force any services you don't want on you.
  3. We publish your book using the same services that you would use to self-publish (and can for your next book!). If you're local, we're even willing to teach you.
  4. We are intended for authors who want to self-publish, but either don't have the technical knowledge, or the desire, to do it themselves.
  5. We don't force you to buy a stack of print books that will sit gathering dust.

Please see our Authors Services page for more details.

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