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Book Marketing Gurus


Advice Column

Unless you have marketing experience already, it helps to have a mentor to move your writing career to the next stage.

All of these gurus have well-developed programs for building your platform and finding your audience.

Useful Tools

  • Book Funnel - Excellent for automated ARC copy distribution. Can also be used to collect addresses for e-mail list growing.
  • Mail Chimp - leading free service for growing and managing your e-mail list.
  • Share Link Generator - for creating Facebook share links and Twitter 'tweet this' links as well as several others. To encourage easy forwarding of you message.
  • Eventbrite - Great for organising tickets to events (even free ones). Free to use, takes a percentage of paid event ticket sales.
  • - Excellent scheduling program for meetings, interviews, etc. Free for basic use, advanced use has monthly fee.
  • Canva - Easy to use online graphics editor. Has preformatted sizes for social media/posters and has many free templates.Basic level is free to use.
  • QR-Code Monkey - free QR code generator for 'scan this' images on posters. Works well with tiny urls.
  • - create tiny urls -- easier to remember links to your content.


Advice Column

Amazon is still the king, so it's useful to be there.

Kindlepreneur provides useful blogs, analysis, and tools to help optimise your Kindle publishing experience.

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