We have multiple packages to suit your needs

Quantum Dot Press offers several packages, depending on your needs. Remember, regardless of which package you choose, you will never be forced to buy a stack of books that will sit in your living room.

The First Timer - print and e-book - Package

With the First Timer package, we aim to have your book ready, published in print and e-book formats, and for sale online in three to four months, assuming regular and responsive contact with you.

Complete Read Through

We begin with a complete read-through, where we will offer suggestions that may range from grammatical changes, to formatting comments. We may also make suggestions on story continuity and any other issues we note. You are not obliged to make any changes. Our goal is to publish your book your way.

Interior Formatting (Print / e-book)


Once any desired changes are made, we will begin the interior formatting. During this stage we will suggest and request any special ideas you had about the look of the print book interior. Once the print interior is finalized, we will create the e-book interior.

Cover Design / Acquisition


During the reading and design stages, we will be in contact with you regarding a cover. Quantum Dot Press can design covers, for an additional cost, or you can supply your own from an artist you like, or from a freelance service like

Basic Marketing Advice


Throughout the book preparation we will be happy to give basic marketing advice. Ideally, you should begin marketing as soon as we start the interior design.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account


Once your book is ready, we will create a Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account for you and, if needed, walk you through its use. All control of, and access to, the account will be turned over to you once your book has been successfully published.


We will supply an ISBN as part of the package.


£250 + cover

The 'Help Me Fix This!' Package

You've got your book edited and you've had a go at the cover and interior edits, but it just isn't working. We can help you whip your formatting into shape so that your book looks professional.

This service is only for self-published authors who have book either about to be published, or already published, and who think the design of the book (interior or cover) could be improved to look more professional. This service cannot be used for picture books.

If requested, we will give you a free evaluation of the technical production of your book, so you can decide whether you'd like to go ahead with this service.

Price: £50 + cover (if necessary)

The 'I'm in a Hurry - e-book only' Package

If you're looking to publish an e-book quickly, Quantum Dot Press can do the interior design and formatting, ensuring all NCX data is accurate.

This service is only for e-books, and does not include a read-through or any other services and cannot be used with books containing pictures. We will return the properly formatted files to you for upload.

We will attempt to have this completed in two days, unless the source document has unusual formatting, in which case it may take a bit longer. This service, and time frame, does not include a cover, although one can be requested separately.

Price: £50

Additional Services

Quantum Dot Press offers several services to supplement the publication process. The cost of each is dependent on precisely what is required.


We can produce bespoke artwork or work with you to create your own eye-capturing cover.


Quantum Dot Press can produce an author or book website with a dedicated domain name, if desired.


Images and videos such as book trailers can be created. Examples of our work can be found on the YouTube channels of Utility Fog Press and Sleeping Cat Press.


We are happy to train you in the ins and outs of self-publishing so that you are able to publish your own book now, or in the future.

We Want You to Be Satisfied

If we are unable to meet your requirements, we will let you know and suggest other service providers you may try.

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