Manuscript Preparation

Here are a few general rules for preparing your manuscript that will make it easier for us, or anyone else, to convert it to a publishable version. These rules assume you are using Word or another word processor with similar features. Instructions for software like Scrivener will be coming soon (although compiling your document for Word will do many of the same things as mentioned here).

  1. Use Styles instead of paragraph-specific formatting such as tabs, opening scene indents, regular font changes, chapter headings, etc.
  2. your manuscript should not have unusual fonts (we can add for effect in final version if desired)
  3. Do not double space after full stops.
  4. Do not add extra spacing between paragraphs.

Writing Resources

Graphics Resources

  • Adobe Photoshop (Industry Standard)
  • GIMP (free photoshop equivalent)
  • Canva (free online editor with social media templates)
  • PIXLR (free online editor)
  • IfranView (free viewer with minor editing abilities)




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